An acclaimed new book racing with explorers and scientists to the ends of the earth in 1769 as they chase the planet Venus and unlock great secrets behind the sky. THE DAY THE WORLD DISCOVERED THE SUN tells a "truly excellent" (New Scientist) "scientific adventure tale" (Kirkus) that "vividly recreates the torturous explorations and enthralling discovery of three peripatetic and insatiably curious explorers.” (Publishers Weekly)



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The CBC’s science program “Quirks and Quarks” this week features an extended interview discussing… 

A new book by science journalist Mark Anderson - The Day The World Discovered The Sun - [that] chronicles the adventures of three of the more successful expeditions to measure the Transit of Venus in optimum locations on Earth.  It was a race against the clock for British Naval officer James Cook, who led an excursion to Tahiti; Hungarian priest Maximilian Hell, who traveled to the Norwegian Arctic; and French astronomer Jean-Baptiste Chappe d’Auteroche, who navigated his way to the Baja Peninsula in present day California. 

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