An acclaimed new book racing with explorers and scientists to the ends of the earth in 1769 as they chase the planet Venus and unlock great secrets behind the sky. THE DAY THE WORLD DISCOVERED THE SUN tells a "truly excellent" (New Scientist) "scientific adventure tale" (Kirkus) that "vividly recreates the torturous explorations and enthralling discovery of three peripatetic and insatiably curious explorers.” (Publishers Weekly)



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IEEE Spectrum magazine’s podcast interview with Mark Anderson on The Day the World Discovered the Sun.

“This book—we already alluded to it—has more ups and downs than the Alps. Besides ambitious astronomers and fortune-seeking horologists, it’s got murderous banditos in New Spain, suspicious Russian villagers, Tahitian women trading views of their breasts for anything made of iron, and at least two actually mad, as in insane, European kings. Did you know when you went into this research what a wild ride this story would be?”

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